The Below is a Fan Translation of the available lore from Neowiz and Pmang. Names and events are subject to change as information is officially released in english. 


In the beginning there was not but chaos, no shape nor matter, just energy swirling in a sea of chaos.  As time passed, thought emerged in the writhing sea of chaos, eventually culminating in a singular idea.  This idea sprouted others, the first inclination of conversation emerged, and from this, strong wills prevailed giving birth to the Daimon Gods.  Often called the Sinjok or First Born within their tribes.  These Daimon Gods were born of chaos and gave shape to the ether where once there was nothing.  Though committed to creation the Daimon were born of Chaos and all the regions of the world began to change.  Having laid the land for the earth they next set to creating the heavens to the chaos below.  The world and boundaries therein were much weaker, the distinction between the heavens and earth, life and death itself were not clear and so whatever the Daimon willed came to be.

With all that had been accomplished all that had been created the Daimon First Born still yearned for the pinnacle of creation, to create new life.  From this willful desire the old races were formed into the world.  Since the world was still formed from chaos the First Borns creations were often mysterious and bizarre.  The Daimon Goddess of the moon gave creation to the Siren gifting them with song.  The Daimon of the Sea gave form to the Sahuagin.  The Daimon Raja willed the creation of the Naga in his image, so that they would follow and worship him.  The Daimon of the Sun Cua Tran created the Lizardmen.  Belukah Daimon of Wrath and Destruction gave life to the fierce Pantera.  Baraka Daimon of Wind gave rise to the Lupus drawing them from the deepest and darkest forests.

Since each of the Daimon’s intentions and desires were different they would often clash.  These conflicts would distort and reshape the world, and cost many lives of the Daimon God’s believers.  As a result these conflicts were normally resolved quickly.  Belukah, driven by destruction was displeased with the world and sought to wipe it clean and start anew.  The other Daimon opposed to this fought Belukah and eventually sealed him away in an ancient temple deep beneath the sands to ensure the worlds continuation.  Baraka seeing the madness of the Daimon gives charge to the great spirit Urgench Tenja to watch the Daimon God’s and safeguard the Lupus his creation.  As each conflict tore and reshaped the world, the world itself grew stronger.  As it grew stronger and became self aware, Providence was born to the world, its own will to exert order of its form and to preserve its existence.  From providence came Fiji, known as nature, the singular force of the world for the definition of all existence, it gave continuity and order to the world born of chaos.  

Providence was born from the sum of the wills of all the Daimon gods, and thus the first sign of Order in the world and in so doing rejected the Daimon God’s replacing them with Fiji.  Overtime many of the Daimon succumbed to Providence and became part of Fiji.  Before the Daimon of the Moon was overcome, she broke a piece of the moon away to create an Ark to safeguard the Siren, forcing them to forever wander the sea.   While some Daimon refused extinction, they fled to the abyss between worlds to avoid the will of the earth.  The great spirit Urgench Tenja, seeing the twilight of the gods, lead the Lupus to the holy land of the Beulan Forest, where it abandoned the flesh and became the Guardian Spirit of the Lupus.  Fiji gave rise to five agents, to act as Guardians of Providence.  Unlike the Daimon these beings were without flaw and represented the elements of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Light.

And so the Daimon Tribe disappeared from the world, taking with them all manner of mysteries and miracles, bringing an end to the Era of Creation, leaving in their place Fiji, the source of all change and order in the world.

Written by: Turalyon