The Below is a Fan Translation of the available lore from Neowiz and Pmang. Names and events are subject to change as information is officially released in english. 


The Creation of the Daimon Tribe First Born 

In the beginning the world was a sea of chaos, consisting of no shape or matter.

As time moved forward many thoughts flowed through the void, eventually coming together to form one singular idea. Within this gathering of strong wills and notions the first sparks of conversation occurred, giving birth to the Daimon Gods who were often referred to as Sinjok or First Born within their tribe. These Daimon gods were born from the chaos and gave shape to the world where there was once nothing. They committed to the creation and all the different regions of the world began to change. The Daimon First Born decided since they laid the land for the earth, they offered the material to create the heavens to the chaos. This was the creation of the world’s first system. However, the newly created world was much weaker than it is now. In this time the distinctions between the heavens and the earth, even the boundaries between life and death itself, were not clearly set. So whatever the Daimon First Born willed was done.

With all that was created and all the progress the Daimon First Born had done they wished to reach the pinnacle of creation, they wished to create life. Thus the old races were willed into the world, but because there was no law in the world the Daimon First Born created the races were often mysterious or bizarre looking. These races included the Siren, Lupus, Pantera, Sahuagin, Naga, and Lizardmen.

The Daimon First Born were few in number and each had a special will.

Since each of the Daimon First Born's intentions and wills were different they would often clash. When this happened the Daimon Gods would distort the shape of the world. But, with each incident more of the Daimon God's believers would perish so any altercations were settled quickly and rarely ever spun out of control. However, each time there was clash of the gods the world, and its will, grew stronger and more robust than before. It had become so strong that it determined it own will and law of the land to preserve the world's form. It was because of this determination and will that Providence was born from the world itself. Providence was the self preservation commitment from the world will. Not soon after it's creation, Providence gave birth to Fiji's essence which came to be known as Nature. From the time of its birth Fiji became the singular force of the world for the definition of all being; it gave continuity and shape to the world.

Providence itself was the sum of the wills of all the Daimon Gods, therefore it was the first sign of order from the tribe. But Providence gave birth to Fiji, so it rejected the Daimon First Born and denied their existence. Over time a majority of the Gods became part of Fiji and submitted their will to Providence while other retreated to the abyss to avoid the ever changing robust world. This, was the Twilight of the Gods.

So, the nation of the Daimon Tribe disappeared from the world taking with them all kinds of mysteries and the miracles; bringing an end to the Creation Era. And since that time Fiji became the main source for all of the phenomena and change in the world.

The Age of Mythology

Guardians of the world and the birth of the Giants

At the end of the era of Creation, Providence created five dragons to act as guardians of the world.

Each took after a different element of Fiji - water, fire, earth, wind and light; unlike the Daimon First Born these guardians were perfect in every way. However, when the Daimon Gods became part of Fiji and Providence the creative energy they were carrying scattered spreading seed of chaos throughout the world. Most of the seeds were recovered by Providence but some seeds seemed to disappear to somewhere unknown. And soon, a race of colossus beings known as Giants were born into the world.

Because the Giants, which could be descendants for the Daimon God tribe, rode an aura of chaos into the world their existence was denied by Providence from the beginning. The race of Giants, suffering from despair and terrible pain, rampaged to destroy the world; waging war with the dragons who fought to stop them. They defeated the Giants and Ymir, the first of the Giants, gave his life in defiance of the dragons. The blood of Ymir soaked into the earth and the race of Dwarves was born. Giants and their children, who had been riding in chaos as well as their ancestors, the earth of the attribute, it was possible to live in providence by defining its essence.

The War of Dragons and Giants

The Giants settled high up in the mountains and named themselves the Jötunn (Frost Giants)

Some of the Giants settled high up in the mountains while others were determined to settle elsewhere. The Jötunn forced the Dwarves to work under them as slaves, who took shelter in the underground caves to avoid death by being stepped on by their Giant oppressors. But one day, the Dwarves found a seed of chaos deep underground and due to intense curiosity struck the seed with a pickaxe. Once struck, the seed of chaos temporarily opened a door to another dimension in that very spot.

when they Dwarves struck the seed a door to a new world, named Gehenna, was opened; allowing the demon races of the Iblis and Fedayin to flee into the world. These demon races were fleeing their home after the invasion of the Daimon First Born who fled during the Twilight of the gods.

During the Twilight of the Gods, the Daimon First Born escaped into the Abyss to avoid destruction. During their time in the world between worlds, they were gripped by a terrible madness while wandering the endless void of the Abyss. During this time the Devil’s Advocate races (The Iblis and Fedayin) were constructing a magical surveying device to study the secrets of the Abyss. But, when they activated the device they inadvertently opened a door allowing the Daimon Gods to enter their world. Riding a wave of chaos, the Daimon First Born entered the Gehenna, instantly conquering their gods and warping their land into a chaotic world. So they took the Iblis on as their slaves.


The Iblis devils of Gehenna were the first sent through.

When the Dwarves opened the door to the dimension of Gehenna, the Daimon Sinjok sent the Iblis races into the world knowing they would draw the attention of Providence. When they passed into the world the Iblis conveyed to the Dwarves the teachings of the Daimon God of knowledge and technology. Since then, the dwarves realized the power of creation, including the creation of their own race from the blood of Ymir the last Colossus, decided to learn the sophisticated skills and left to forge a huge citadel.

Soon the Daimon Sinjok lost interest in the dwarf races because they had contact with the mighty giant jötunn tribes through the Iblis, whispering secrets into the giants’ ears. They tempted the Giants with the power of creation the Daimon Sinjok possessed in the beginning if they were to help them return the world to a sea of chaos. The Giants listened to and were tempted by the Daimon Sinjok’s offer to destroy the order of the world. They Giants moved to attack the Guardians, who were granted Fiji’s powers, beginning the war of the Dragons and Giants. however, the giants were better equipped than their predecessors. They had powerful armor made by the dwarfs and demostrated the power of the chaos inherited from Tmir, and strongly resisted the dragons.


A long and fierce war breaks out between the Giants and the Dragons.

The war continued for thousands of years, finally ending with the destruction of the giants. But the dragons also suffered a big blow losing a lot of their power in this fight. The five guardians entered into a long sleep to regain their power.