Bless Roleplay Code of Conduct. 

General Rules:

Please respect your fellow members and maintain civil behavior. Naming, discriminatory, shaming, defamatory or inflammatory statements, and personal arguments/complaints will not be tolerated. Do not use the threat to publish personal information or to intimidate, persuade, or other wise bully another member of the Bless Roleplay Community. Even if someone is being a jerk, please do not return the same hostility. Please keep real world politics to the real world. Please don't 'bad-mouth,' other games. Report behavior or rule-breaking to the moderation team so appropriate measures can be taken to mediate the situation.

Be Constructive, Not Destructive. It is understandable that sometimes emotions get the best of everyone. However, instead of taking out on your fellow community and friends, please maintain a manner of civility and respect, find solutions to problems instead of dwelling on it. If debates are getting too heated, take a step away, or contact people privately. 
Please don't 'bad-mouth,' other games; heated rants about a game should be done privately.

 No plagiarism. The roleplay community is a creative community. With a game as beautiful as Bless, it is bound to draw the interest of both talented writers and artists. Bless RP does not support plagiarism. If you would like to use work that isn't your own, please ask the creator's permission first. Any post reported with proof of plagiarism will be removed and the member given a warning.

Mature Content. By signing up to Bless Roleplay, you acknowledge that Bless Online is a mature themed game. That being said, sexual content is not permitted on Bless RP. Tasteful nudity is permitted so long as it is put within a spoiler and tagged "NSFW." Roleplay, journals, or stories on the forums that have a high amount of violence, language, substance abuse, or other mature themes should be labelled, "NSFW," in the post title (and declared in the opening post).

Please no donation threads. There are plenty of other avenues to use in order to seek out fundraising aid. Please do not use Bless RP for that.

Roleplay Rules:

Character Backstories. Do not use information found in character biographies, stories, or journals without the player's mission.

God/Metagaming will not be permitted. Offending posts will be deleted and repeated infractions will result in account suspension and banning.

Please use proper roleplay thread labels. Mark your thread accordingly with [Open], [Closed], [Request], etc. This will help communicate to other members of the Bless Roleplay community whether they can freely join you in our forum RP.

Mature Content. Please remember that sexual content / ERP is not permitted on the site. Roleplay, journals, or stories on the forums that have a high amount of violence, language, substance abuse, or other mature themes should be labelled, "NSFW," in the post title (and declared in the opening post). This rule is subjective, and if you feel like your content is too dark, please take it to another media.

Conflict Resolution and Etiquette Rules:

Please remember that we are all mature here. We ask that you first attempt to resolve any conflict yourself before reaching out to an Administrator or a Moderator for assistance. If you have attempted to resolve the issue but nothing has improved please submit screenshots and any other proof through the, "Contact," link at the top of the site.

Please use the, "Report," feature for inappropriate posts or threads. This saves us time and we'll handle it as soon as we can.

We follow a three strike rule. Most players will have three strikes (warning, temporary ban, permanent ban) depending on the severity of the offense. On special circumstances, if problems are dire, we will remove problematic members without warnings. Appeals are rare, only when good valid reasons can be considered. Until then, we, Bless RP, have little to zero tolerance for drama.

Screenshots are mandatory. Any complaints about behavior must have screenshots submitted for review. Please make sure any screenshots or chat logs being submitted are in a form that cannot be edited such as PDF or Screenshot.